Animation Programming

I have a lot of stuff packed in my head about Animation Programming and many of the topics come up often. Here’s where I plan to write about all of it. Maybe someday I’ll write a book.
In the meantime, this is kind of a list of what I think I want to write about. I’ll fill in links when I’ve actually written the content.
  • Math in simulations:
  • Animation Programming General Topics
    • Pipelines
    • Tools
    • Run-time Systems
  • Math in animation:
    • Euler rotations
      • Gimbal, Concatenation Order, Animation curves, Decomposing from Quats
    • Quaternions
      • Visualizing Quaternions
      • Slerp/Lerp
    • “QuatLogs” – Quaternion Logarithm (geometric algebra)
    • SQTs in joint hierarchies
    • Matrices
    • Understanding spaces
  • Blending poses
  • Key-frame interpolation
  • Compression
  • Streaming
  • Handling animation data for characters¬†(where should it live)
  • Trees / Graphs
  • State Machines
  • 2-joint IK
  • Multi-joint IK
  • Predictive Stepping
  • Root Motion
  • Masking
  • Debugging
  • Blendshapes
  • Pose Space Deformers
  • Motion Plotting
  • Character Control: How to balance physics, input, and animation state
  • Responsiveness

General Game Programming:

  • Part1: What makes games fun?
  • Part2: How to make games fun.
  • How a studio can be profitable.
  • Lethal Pitfalls

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